About our website

PCPC has had a presence on the World Wide Web for 22 years now, ever since our modest beginnings at www.web.net/~pcpc back in 1999.

As our resources have expanded, so has the range of tools we can use to more effectively serve our members and the general public. The current site is built on the Textpattern content management system, modified and adapted extensively for our specific needs and content types.

Over the past five years, the site has had several incremental upgrades, both to improve security and to enhance the site’s appearance and operability.

We aim to provide full accessibility — both disabled users (blind, partially sighted, motor challenged) and people who use small devices (cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and netbooks) will find it easy to use.

August 2014 upgrade

Our most recent (and most comprehensive) upgrade was in August 2014. This has made the site at least partly “future-proof” — switching the coding to the new HTML5 standard; integrating a responsive stylesheet in which both smartphones and large screens are equally catered for; introducing new and cleaner dropdown navigation menus; and clearing out a lot of old or redundant content.

  • People who want larger or smaller fonts can do so by using View:Text Size from the top menu in Internet Explorer; View:Zoom in Firefox; the Zoom button at lower right in Opera, and so on.
  • For people who use screen readers, our tabbed navigation menu will render properly as a simple list. Every page is logically organized, with content at the beginning and sidebar material — related articles and so forth — at the end of each page.
  • For smartphone, mobile, and tablet users, our stylesheet is completely responsive, delivering a single-column page on small screens with navigation, search boxes, and other page elements properly scaled for small devices.
  • For people using netbooks or tablets in horizontal mode, all our pages fit on a 1024 pixel screen display, and clipping is kept to a minimum on 800 pixel displays.

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PCPC is a registered charity. You can make a donation by credit card via PayPal here.

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