The Benefits of Membership

PCPC is a non-profit co-operative corporation that supports parents and educators from childcare centers who are dedicated to creating quality learning environments for young children.

Members of PCPC are legally incorporated preschools, nurseries and childcare centres licensed by the Ministry of Education (Ontario). All are non-profit and many are co-operative organizations.

PCPC is dedicated to promoting organizational stability and programming excellence in each of its member centres by providing the following services:


PCPC provides centres, parents and staff with updated, informative education and training. Our experts on centre stability and programming excellence offer an outside perspective on the most important issues facing our member centres. You can choose from a variety of topics geared toward the Board of Directors and/or Early Childhood professional.


PCPC provides members with responsive consultation services by phone or email. Our team of experts, which includes our Executive Director, will assist your centre and staff in developing policies, procedures and by-laws which relate to running a quality childcare program.


PCPC provides relevant and timely resources FREE to members only. For members only, we have downloadable workshops, handbooks, tip sheets, fundraising ideas and other email-based services. PCPC is committed to providing critical information to our members. The information provided in our email communications and on our website help members to stay up to date on developments in the child care and ECE sectors in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Employee benefits

We provide members with a range of employee benefits at significantly discounted prices. These include group health plans as well as access to a variety of services for the staff while on the plan.


PCPC supports members in their marketing and fundraising needs. We provide a FREE listing for your centre on our website and a significantly discounted, customized website for your centre.

PCPC is affiliated with a wide variety of co-operative, early childhood and not-for-profit organizations. Member centres have the opportunity to speak collectively on issues affecting the childcare sector and to have a greater influence on policy.

Want to Join?

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